Graphitspuren auf Papier
© Jacqueline Merz, Foto: Herbert Boswank

Schaudepot # 7 Abstract Images

After the return of the Kunstfonds to its location at Marienallee, doors open again to the Schaudepot (display storeroom). The collection’s heart – the depot – temporarily becomes exhibition space and herewith is accessible to the public.

  • Exhibition Site Marienallee 12
  • DATES 14/11/2015—14/02/2016


With the beginning of the 20th century, abstract art stands up as an independent and lively form of art. Despite – or because of – the official rejection of abstract trends by the East German cultural policy, artists in Saxony, and especially in Dresden, developed a large diversity of non-conformists artistic positions that included abstract forms of expression.

Ansicht des Depots des Kunstfonds
© Copyright und Foto: Luc Saalfeld
Blick ins Gemäldedepot des Kunstfonds

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Starting with Hermann Glöckner, Willy Wolff and Herbert Kunze who worked nonrepresentational from the older generation, the exhibition “Schaudepot #7 Abstract Images” shows a cross section until the present. Artists like Manfred Luther, Sándor Dóró and Kerstin Franke-Gneuss accepted their heritage in the 1970s and 1980s. Examples from the 1990s mirror in the changed political circumstances the whole range of artistic expression. Objects are on display, such as Eberhard Göschel’s works that expressively focus on material, Bernd Hahn’s colour images that can be tied to the classical modern period and Wilhelm Müller’s works that were influenced by Glöckner. Exhibits of the display storeroom presentation span from works by Jakob Flohe, Jaqueline Merz and others to the young Saxon artist generation, who is represented with partly playful, partly conceptual positions of abstraction.

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