Gelbe, blaue und graue Formen auf blauem, gewebtem Grund
© SKD, Foto: Stefanie Recsko

Schaudepot # 8 Textile Pictures

The exhibition Textile Pictures is the eighth in the series of “Display Storeroom” (Schaudepot) exhibitions, which have been going on since 2007.  In guided tours visitors are given access to rooms that are not normally open to the public, where they are able to see selected works from the holdings of the Kunstfonds (Art Fund).

  • Exhibition Site Marienallee 12
  • DATES 16/11/2016—03/02/2017


In addition to works of fine art, the Kunstfonds collection also includes textile objects including woven, knotted and knitted items, as well as appliqué, macramé, crocheted and embroidered objects. In 2016 more than 15 of these works, in particular wall hangings and tapestries, were extensively conserved and restored. This is being taken as an opportunity to devote this Display Storeroom exhibition to this group of works and to present various forms of textile materials and processing techniques used in both handicrafts and fine art objects.

The exhibition focuses not only on the representational, decorative and social aspects of textile art but also on the question of their historical, political and aesthetic function. On the basis of works dating from the 1970s to the present day, it is shown how in many cases textiles have been used for representational purposes while also pursuing artistic aspirations. The focus is on the textile fabrics from which the works are made, as well as on their specific processing technique, thus combining material and aesthetic considerations.




Gelbe, blaue und graue Formen auf blauem, gewebtem Grund
© SKD, Foto: Stefanie Recsko
Brigitte Bretschneider, Das Licht, 1993 Brigitte Bretschneider, Das Licht, 1993, Applikation/Stickerei, 18 x 15,5 cm, Kunstfonds, SKD, Inv. Nr. KH 61/93

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